Website On-Boarding Form

Please complete this form to the best of your ability. Upon receipt of your deposit, we will arrange the build dates for your website design project. Your inputs will provide us with valuable direction to craft a website tailored to your preferences.

Once the website development commences, you will receive a link to your staging site, resembling: We encourage you to review the overall design elements and share any likes or dislikes, focusing less on the content details (such as images and write-ups).

Following your review, we’ll schedule a video call a few days later to discuss any desired changes together. We iterate on the design until it meets your satisfaction, proceeding with content migration or incorporating any new copy/images you wish to include.

Should you have any inquiries, feel free to contact your dedicated account manager via phone or email.

Please be aware that any additional features or tasks outside the project scope may entail extra hours/costs. Your account manager will liaise with you for approval in such cases.

Website On-boarding Questionnaire
Who is your domain registrar? Ex. Godaddy, Namecheap, enomCentral, If you do not have one, please mentioned it to your account manager and we will help you secure one. (DO NOT INCLUDE PASSWORDS)
Company Address to display on Website/Google.
Company Address to display on Website/Google.
Do you require professional emails to be setup?
Ex. [email protected] If yes, please add the emails you would like to add. Seperate them by using a , after each one. Ex. info@ , sales@, If you already have professional emails set up and are using them, please skip this step.
This is a list of the pages your website will include. Please add 1 page per line or separate them with a comma.
Can you give us a brief history of your company?
Who will provide the copywriting for each page?
If you paid for this service, please send us details of your business that you would like to include in your copywriting. We recommend that the Home Page talks about the business and services, and the About Us Page talks about the people. If You Opted out of the SEO Copywriting, and you are providing us with the write-ups, please send these pages in Word Document labelled according to the Page it should be added to. You can send content to [email protected] or to your account manager.
What are your business goals for the website?*
Please check off the social media profiles you would like to link to your website.
Add 1 URL per line.
What is your Call To Action?
Please include any feature you wish to include or requirement you must have.
Will you require accepting payments on your website (E-commerce)?

ECommerce Questions

E-Commerce Merchant Provider
Only required if you need an E-commerce website and will be taking payment online.
E-Commerce Marketing Features
Please select all that you wish to include.

Maximum file size: 8MB