How To Sign Up
1. Click “Create an Account
2. If you are a regular memeber click “Create Member Account” if you are a Restaurant Owner click “Create Restaurant Account
3. Regular Account Members (Restaurant Owners Scroll Down)
Fill out from and start using MainMenus! You will now be able to Save your Favorite Menus, Post Reviews and Rate Dishes. We will also be having contests in the near future that you can participate in. Thank you for Joining MainMenus, we hope you enjoy the site!
PS We Love Feedback Good/Bad please feel free to drop us a line!
Restaurant Account Members
A little more work but its worth it!
First check to see if your Restaurant is in our Database, by typing in the Restaurant’s Phone Number in the “Phone Number” Field in the Restaurant Info section:
If we have your Restaurant in our Database you will see it in the list. If there are doubles, please Contact Us, so we can delete a Duplicate/Closed/Renamed Restaurant. Simply Clck on your Restaurant and Edit the Information that we currently have in our database. After confirming you are the actual owner of the Restaurant, we will approve your account and you will be able to enjoy all the features of MainMenus. Click Here to see how you can Fully Optimize your Profile Page to get you the most customers trying your tasty food.
If your Restaurant is not in our Database you will see a Green Check below the phone number
That means we do not have your Restaurant in our datebase. You should then fill out the Login Info at the top of the Page and then start filling out the Restaurant Info section.
For the “Restaurant Short Name” type in your Restaurant Name. This will enable you to have a shortened URL used to use on all your advertising. You can direct your customers to your MainMenus Page to check out your current Menu, this is extra useful if you don’t have a website!
Don’t forget to upload your Logo and Add your weblink if you have one.
Finally add some pics, not only will this help potential customers see what your Food and Restaurant is like. But also, Search Engines love pictures, this will help your rankings on them as well. One important piece of advice, make sure you name your pictures properly so the search engines can find them properly. We will use our Fake Restaurant “MainMenus” as an example, if we were uploading a picture of a Hawaiian Pizza, we would name the picture MainMenus Hawaiian Pizza. If its a picture of the Dining Room, We would name it MainMenus Dining Room.
Click “Sign Up” and your done, when we have confirmed you are the actual owner of the Restaurant we will approve your Restaurant and you will be able to edit your profile and add your Menu.
For tips on How To Optimize your Page to make it most effective to get found on the Search Engines, click here.
Please send us any feedback or if you are having any problems signing up.