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Search Engine Marketing for Restaurants is a great and fast way to promote your restaurant online.

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Pay Per Click & SEM Strategies

Most people aren’t aware of the wide range of technical knowledge it takes to effectively run a restaurant. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to creating an enjoyable dining experience for each one of your patrons. The same is true when it comes to creating a solid online presence for a restaurant. Many people will see and use your website and online menu, but they are probably not aware of the behind the scenes work that goes into turning their attention towards your restaurant website. Without an effective SEM strategy, your site and menu can quickly get lost in the shuffle with the competition.

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What is SEM / PPC

SEM is a general term in digital marketing that stands for Search Engine Marketing. This is also known as PPC or Pay-Per-Click.  This is a sort of umbrella term which covers a lot of different online marketing strategies that are designed to help increase your restaurant’s visibility using paid ads on search engines. This can include paid ads on,, Facebook and Instagram.

The more effective your SEM strategy, the higher your ad will ‘rank’ in search engine results, which can go a long way towards increasing your web traffic and subsequently your amount of customers. The question now is what exactly goes into an effective SEM strategy?

Pay Per Click Strategy

One of the most effective aspects of an SEM campaign is known as Pay Per Click marketing. This is a unique approach to SEM in that it involves a particular type of online advertising. For restauranteurs looking to quickly increase the amount of traffic on their website while ranking higher in search results. Pay per click (PPC) ads are specific to your site, so you pay a fee for every time a person clicks on the ad and gets navigated to your site. This is a very direct approach to SEM in that it is focused on driving people directly to your restaurant website with just one click. The primary benefit of this approach is that you will be paying for the specific ad space at the top of a list of search engine results, meaning you can always count on being prominently featured in user searches. When you combine this strategy with an effective overall SEM strategy, in which the PPC ads are placed in relevant online areas where visibility is guaranteed, you can quickly see an increase in visits to your restaurant’s website, leading to an increase in actual patrons.

With help from the talented marketers at MainMenus, you can draw the right kind of attention to your newly designed website and online menu. To get started, be sure to get in touch with the team at MainMenus today.

Determine Your Keyword Strategy

Similar to your SEO Keyword strategy, the first thing you need to do is define your audience and the geographical location you want to target. Once you’ve determined your area, we can dig into your keyword strategy to define your target market.

Thinking about how people will search for your food online… ‘Italian Restaurant in Vancouver’ or ‘Takeout near me’.

Think about what you would type into Google when searching for your restaurant. How can you tailor your SEO and content around these potential customers?

In any industry, including the hospitality industry, there are typically three keyword groupings which are: broad, niche-specific, and brand-related keywords.

Branded Keywords

Broad keywords for restaurants would include words like “Restaurant in Vancouver“.  The level of competition will depend on what city you’re located in. Vancouver is a major city in British Columbia Canada so the competition in any industry is more than you would have in the surrounding cities.

When you’re conducting your keyword strategy, do a simple search and if you’re logged into your browser you should see a dropdown of relevant searches that Google gets. We use a free Chrome extension that gives you an idea of how often these keywords are being searched for.  The dollar value next to the monthly search volume is the average CPC for a PPC campaign.

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Niche Keywords For Restaurants

Niche-specific keywords are restaurant would be “Italian Pizza Restaurant” or “Greek Restaurant in Burnaby”. When you’re searching for a niche-keyword, you narrow your targeting to compete with the cuisine or food type rather then the entire industry.

Branded Keywords

Examples of a branded keyword for a restaurnat is a search that includes the business name.  Ragazzi Pizza, Wooden Spoon, The Pawnshop YVR. You should be able to rank at the top of a Google search from this type of search, however, this depends on several things. The age of your domain, business, competitor names etc…

The Pawnshop YVR is a great example of branded keywords. When the restaurant first opened, it took over an existing restaurant in Vancouver. The new name however, is used for businesses that can buy and sell used products “Pawn Shop”. Searching for ‘The Pawnshop Vancouver’ would bring up listings to local pawn shops.

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