When it comes to wine pairing, we are not sommelier’s or even wine connoisseur’s, what we do know is that you don’t necessarily have to stick to the rules of pairing red wine with meats and white wine with fish. Wines of today can be enjoyed with cheese platters, seafood, chinese food and even desserts.

My latest meal included a bottle of McWilliam’s Chardonnay. We ordered Greek take out from Kalamata Greek Taverna located on 1418 West Broadway in Vancouver. We ordered the chicken souvlaki, lamb shoulder and the usual fixings when you order Greek… Greek salad, hummus and pita and a nice bowl of olives. This Fruit forward Chardonnay has an Element of oak, but not over powering,  just enough to give it a buttery flavor. To pair it with the chicken,  I find the wine brings out the oregano used in the souvlaki. It goes well with the lemon potatoes and great with the side of rice. Typically a good white be easily paired with most chicken dishes, but we wanted to see what it did with the lamb. 


The Name on the menu is “Kleftico”, A traditional roasted lamb shoulder, with a mountain of herbs. If that doesn’t get your mouth watering, the wine will! The Chardonnay really opened up the spices and herbs in the lamb, the juiciness and tenderness of the Lamb was perfect.  Now, I’m sure most if you are either cringing or rolling your eyes because you know that lamb and Shiraz are usually paired, but I must say I was quite surprised how well it tasted. 

I’ll leave you with this, dont be scared to try different wines with different foods… If it doesnt go well with what you are eating… Open something else! 

I’ll be exploring other wines and pairing them with non traditional dishes. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment. 

MainMenus Tip: 

Here is a tip I was told when serving table wines. It’s the 30 minute rule. When you’re serving red wine, refrigerate it for 30 min before serving it. When serving white, remove it from the refrigerator for 30 minutes before serving it. 



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Happy Dining!


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