Urban Thai Logo
1119 Hamilton St.
Vancouver, BC V6B 5P6
When I dine out for Thai, its standard for me to order the Traditional Pad Thai, and a chicken curry.  Urban Thai knows thai food.  The chicken curry ordered came with a generous portion of tender chicken and big chucks of eggplant!  Delicious!

Thai Curry

The Pad Thai was equally satisfying, good size portion, loaded with flavour, and the rice noodles were cooked perfectly! 

If you’ve never been to Urban Thai in Vancouver, you can expect a calm relaxing environment.  The décor and restaurant layout makes for a great dining experience, whether it’d be for a first date, social gathering or a business meeting.  The restaurant is also child friendly.  Great to see more restaurants catering to young families!

Urban Thai’s service was really good.  Not only did we receive good service upon arrival, but we constantly had other servers ask how we were doing, if we had questions about the menu and/or if we were ready to order!  They did a quality check too.  Huge pet peeve is when restaurant staff doesn’t do a quality check.  It shows poor service.

The overall dining experience at Urban Thai was excellent!  Great Food, Great Service and an excellent ambience.  The classic recipe for a fantastic restaurant.

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