As a rule of thumb any tablet with an SRP within the 100-200$ price range would do the job and for the specifications above you can also find some great deals.
Here is an example of a medium-priced tablet you could try:

Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet, 8″ HD Android Tablet:

But don’t buy Kindle Fire….it does not have the Google Play marketplace and push services so it’ won’t work.
The minimum requirements for an order-taking tablet/smartphone are:
  • charging while on
  • good wi-fi signal (if you want to connect through a wi-fi hotspot)
  • loudspeaker
  • android v 4.4 or later (with Google Play supported)
  • decent materials (meaning not to fall apart after 2 months of usage and get a broken charger socket, displaced screen, etc).
  • at least 1GB of RAM memory, preferably 2 GB of RAM
Warning: Generally cheap Android tablets are optimized to save battery causing connectivity problems. It is very important to get top-of-the-line or at least medium-priced Android tablets (Samsung Galaxy S-line, Lenovo Yoga line, Huawei M line, Google Pixel C); otherwise, get an iOS tablet even if it’s 1,2 versions older or an Android phone.
The MainMenus order-taking app Requires Android: 4.4 and up or iOS 9.0 or later.


If you’re looking for a printer for your kitchen, we recommend using the

Epson C31CE74012 Thermal Receipt Printer 


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