Have you ever made a reservation at a restaurant and they add an auto-gratuity on the bill? Do you ever go to a bar/pub and get excellent service? Have you ever experienced quality service at a fine dining establishment?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, I think you’ll enjoy this blog.

I’ve worked in the restaurant industry for over 12 years, from cook to bartender, waiter to manager. In my 12 years experience, I’ve delivered the best customer service I could everyday, it’s what I was taught to do, and it paid off.

I’m someone who likes to help others and feel that in a restaurant environment, you must work as a team. I never treated a restaurant duty as if “its not my job”.  For example, if I noticed a couple standing at the door, and the hostess is nowhere to be found, I would approach them and ask if they have been helped.  Its all part of the team work mentality that restaurant employees need to embrace, and managers should implement. If they hadn’t been helped, I would help myself and seat them in my section.

I’ll never forget my experience of dealing with one union cook, and when a hungry guest asked me if I could take the French Fries out from the bowl to of mussels to separate them for his son. The cook that I asked for help said that I would have to wait for the appy cook to do it, because it “wasn’t his job”, Brutal. That restaurant has since closed.

It’s hard not to expect good service now that I’ve left the restaurant industry, only because there are certain service expectations within the service industry, wouldn’t you agree? Correct me if I’m wrong, but just because you’ve added a Gratuity of 18% for booked dinner party at your establishment, doesn’t mean your server gets to slack off.  Heck, deliver great service and I’ll tip on top of the auto-grat!

From pubs to diners, franchises to à la carte establishments, I expect to receive good service. Now don’t get me wrong, if I’m sitting at the bar having a burger and a beer, I don’t expect the server or bartender to serve me from my left side and clear my plate from my right. What I do expect is for them to ask me how my burger is after my 1 – 4th bite, and check to see if I need another beer. Same goes with diners and any casual restaurant establishments.

I dine out often, whether it’s with my family, friends, business partners or by myself.  I enjoy a great dining experience and expect great service every time. If you agree to this, share it with your friends and think about it the next time you’re eating out. If you’re a manager or you work at a restaurant, have a look at my last blog on Increase Your Tips . It’s a great blog to work on your service skills, and I guarantee it will not only increase your average order, your tips will increase too!

I hope you enjoyed this blog, feel free to add comments, please refrain from mentioning restaurant names if you plan to complain about an establishment.

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Happy Dining!