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Sang Thai

Sang Thai Logo
2850 Shaughnessy Street  
Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 6K5
(604) 944-7264
As you can see from my posts, I tend to Dine Out a lot, even more though I like to order take out. So today, I am going to write about a Thai/Vietnamese place near my house.
Located on Shaughnessy in Port Coquitlam is Sang Thai & Vietnamese Restaurant.

It’s been open for a while now, and I just discovered that they delivered to my house! So everyone in the Coquitlam Center area, you now know there is a Thai/Vietnamese Delivery in your area.
One of my favorite appys of all time is Lettuce Wraps and at Sang Thai they do not disappoint. I like how they package it for Take Out. In a container rather than a bag, since sometimes during transport the Lettuce gets crushed, and there is nothing worse than Lettuce Wraps with holes in the Lettuce, every thing just falls out and makes for a messy meal.

Sang Thai Lettuce Wraps
Flavor was great with every bite and the Hoisin Sauce they provided was perfect.
Since it was a Sunday when we ordered (I tend to eat really Unhealthy on Sundays), we ordered 2 more appys. We ordered Honey Garlic Wings, which were ample sized; unlike most places where the wings are pretty tiny. My friend and I both agreed that was our favorite dish we ordered, the flavors were just so good!
Sang Thai Wings
I also wanted to venture off and try something I have never tried before.
So I order the Money Bags; they are kind of like Deep Fried Won Tons. The wrap is filled with minced pork and veggies, then deep fried. They are shaped like little Money Bags, hence the name; and an order comes with some Sweet Thai Chili Sauce.
Sang Thai Money Bags
Whenever I go out for Thai you have to try out a Curry Dish, so I gave the Panang a try. The peanuts really rounded out the sweet rich creamy flavor of the Curry. I substituted the Chicken with Beef.
Beef was cooked to Perfection! And it was a close second for Best Dish of this meal!
Sang Thai Beef Panang
All and All I would recommend Sang Thai if you were looking for some Delivery in the Port Coquitlam or Coquitlam area. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Are there any Thai or Vietnamese places that you love? Comment below or on Facebook or Twitter. I would love to hear about them!