Prospect Point Café

5601 Stanley Park Drive
Vancouver, BC
(604) 669-2737
One day I was driving around Downtown Vancouver with my Mortgage Broker, and we were trying to figure out what to have for lunch. Initially we were going to go check out the New Cactus Club.
But lucky for us, we weren’t able to turn left on Georgia onto Denman, so we ended up driving into Stanley Park. We took wrong turn and ended up having to go all the way around! As we were making are way past Prospect Point I noticed a sign that said “EAT” and I asked my friend if he wanted to check that place out, he agreed, we parked and went in.
When we walked in I was pleasantly surprised, I was expecting a cafeteria-style place. Since it was at a busy tourist attraction. But to my delight it was a really nicely decorated restaurant with an Amazing View of the Lion’s Gate Bridge.
Prospect Point Cafe View
Since it was lunchtime I decided on a Tasty Burger. At first thought of ordering the Lions Gate Burger – Angus beef, Bavarian Smokie, Canadian Back Bacon, and Cheddar. Sounds like a pretty manly Burger eh? But decided it might be too much to handle for lunch so I went with the Canuck Burger – Angus Beef, Canadian Back Bacon, Cheddar, Lettuce, and Tomato. Server suggested the Poutine so I went with it.
Don’t judge the pic, I took a few bites of the Poutine when I took it. I have to remember to take pictures more; I tend to forget. The Burger was great, and so was the Poutine.
Canuck Burger Prospect Point Cafe
The Bun was perfect, not too much and not too small. Just the right amount of Bread, Burger Patty was a nice size too, not a Huge Burger by any means, but it was just enough to satisfy me for lunch. The Poutine was Delicious as well, I took off some of the cheese in my pic, so don’t judge the Cheese, Gravy to Fry Ratio on the pic.
All in all I say it was a nice Gem that we found with a great view to Boot. Prospect Point Café should be on your list of Great Patios to check out this summer, you won’t be disappointed!

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