This week we have a Post from our Guest Blogger, Lainey

Mothers day is just around the corner.  Looking for last minute ideas to treat the most hardworking person who brought you into this world?  There are so many amazing and unique restaurants for brunch – definitely my favorite meal of the day. 

2296 East Hastings St, Vancouver BC


If you are looking for something delicious and unique and you are a pork lover try Red Wagon in Vancouver.  If you love sweet and savory as much as I do, then pulled pork pancakes are something you don’t want to miss.  The crisp pork belly and eggs is also one of my favorites (if you like pork belly).  Pretty much if you like pork, Red wagon is the place to be – sausage, bacon, pull pork, pork belly….  make sure you go early and expect a wait because it’s always busy on weekends, but definitely worth it!

Not in the Vancouver area?  Cora’s in Coquitlam, White Rock, Richmond, Kelowna and Kamloops is a hot spot for brunch. They also have many locations across Canada.

You can get a great variety here, best of all it’s a little more healthy and and light, so you don’t get all tired the rest of the day. Brunch doesn’t always have to be a meal that ruins your calorie count for the day either.  Cora’s is the one place I know where you can order breakfast with a good size of fresh fruit and toast or yogurt with fresh fruit and harvest crunch. 

A Crepe lover?  They have a Crepomelette which is one of my favorites.  Two of my favorite things for breakfast – crepe and eggs!  Again… you also get fresh fruit on the side.  Great way to finish your breakfast.  Their sweet Crepes/Pancakes/Waffles/French Toast are great too.  Their Maple Syrup is 100% Pure Quebec Maple Syrup.  Basically any Breakfast lover would enjoy this place.  It has such a wide selection, there is something for everyone; Bagels, Eggs, Omlettes, Crepes, Crepomeltte… you name it, they most likely have it!


Dim Sum is a great option for Mother’s Day whether it’s your tradition for brunch or you want to take Mom and try it for your first time.  It’s the one place that most restaurants take reservations so you don’t have to worry about waiting an hour or more for brunch.  It will be really busy for Mother’s Day so if you are thinking about it, stop thinking and call now and make a reservation.

You want somewhere a little nicer – Kirin is typically pretty consistent.  I rarely get disappointed here.  It’s a little pricier than some other Dim Sum restaurants but great selection, not dingy and many locations. You can find them in Vancouver (2 Locations), Richmond, New Westminster and Coquitlam.

Sun Sui Wah is also another popular option in Vancouver and Richmond.  Great selection and not as greasy as some other Asian restaurants.  You can find most of the Traditional Dim Sum dishes here so you won’t be disappointed.  Also very busy on weekends and a little pricier. Go early because it can be hard to find parking at times.

If your in Burnaby and looking for something more reasonable price wise.  Yan’s Garden is good and they still walk around with the carts so you don’t have to know how to speak Chinese.  One of my friends favorites is the Golden Pumpkin with Honey Walnut.  They have a really good selection and for the price, you will leave satisfied.  

So there are my picks for this Mother’s Day, is there anything I missed? I would love to hear your Comments Below on Facebook , Pinterest or Twitter. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there! Especially Mine 🙂