Hungry Hippo’s 3 Fave Sandwich Spots!

One of my favorite lunch’s are a Soup and Sandwich, ever since I was a kid eating PB & J’s in pre-school; Sandwiches have been one of the staples for lunch. There is not much better than having a Soup and Sangy for lunch that’s for sure. So this week I’ve decided to review my 3 favorite Soup and Sandwich spots in the Lower Mainland. So in no particular order here are my 3 faves.

The Lunch Doctor

Years ago when I was just a little Teenaged Hippo, the Lunch Doctor was one of my favorite places for lunch! The bread is baked fresh everyday. My favorite Sandwich there is the Chicken, Bacon & Capicollo; I usually get the soup of the day and dip my sandwich in it. Make sure you get the Dijon on it if you are a Mustard fan. I actually hate mustard, but their Dijon is to die for!

Others sandwiches to note The Deli Sub (it has 5 kinds of Meat!), Shrimp and Bacon, Smokie Bacon with Honey Dill and if you are really hungry or feel like sharing the Super Super Sandwich, make sure you get it on the Full French Loaf, you will thank me later! The Super Super can feed up to 4 people and consists of Turkey, Bacon, Capicollo and Roast Beef with all your favorite trimmings.

Meat and Bread

I found this place when I was driving by on Downtown Cambie one day early this year, I actually thought it was a Deli at first because of the name. But quickly realized it was a sandwich shop when I noticed the line of people outside when I drove by again after the Grand Opening. Located across from Victory Square; The Porchetta is my favorite here; the best part is that everything is made right in front of you when you order ensuring that your sandwich is as fresh as possible.

The Porchetta is on a Ciabatta with their roasted pork and cracklings, giving it the crunch in every bite. I’ve also tried the Meatball as well, although I do love it, I can’t seem to stay away from the Porchetta. Been wanting to try the Grill Cheese as well, but everytime I go there I see that Pork getting chopped up in front of me, my moath starts watering and instead of ordering the Meatball or Grill Cheese, I order the Porchetta without hesitation.

Get there early cause you will have to wait in line during peak hours, actually even during off peak hours it can get pretty busy.


Tucked away in the heart of Yaletown is Phat. I was getting my haircut one day and my Stylist suggested I go to Phat and check it out. Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner this place has the best Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich I’ve had in BC. Beef Dip Thursdays are great too, free fries with every order!

The other cool thing is for all you iPhone owners they have an app where you can order your meal before you even get there. Good thing I don’t live in Vancouver or else I’d be a really PHAT Hippo!

So that’s it! What’s your favorite Soup and Sandwich Spot? Comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.

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