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The Georgia Hotel

Hawksworth Restaurant, 4-time Winner of Best Upscale Restaurant in Vancouver, voted Best Restaurant in Vancouver and is number 3 in Canadas best 100 Restaurants.

And now I know why.

From the second you walk through their doors, you’re greeted with such professionalism. Upon arriving I felt a little intimidated with the level of service, but that’s what you can expect with 5 star service.

Service is their focus and their staff has been professionally trained to deliver an exceptional experience.

I’d like to share with you the drinks, food and our overall experience.

Claude, our server who was very polite, and appeared every time we were in need of something or had a question! He knew the menu and suggested several options, depending on what we were feeling.

Drink Lineup:

L & V Margarita, with Lavender & seasoned rim

L & V Margarita

Golden Negroni:

Served with white cinzano and came with a side of Honeycomb from bees. He casually mentioned some people like to drop it in the glass as it sweetens it more, and others like to bite off small pieces to enjoy it that way. I tried both and its a very smooth texture, slik-like. I wouldn’t recommend chewing it as it gets stuck in your teeth.


hamachi coconut, fennel, orange.


For anyone who doesn’t know what Hamachi is, it is similar to yellowtail or Japanese amberjack. This came cured and had the texture of sushi.

Firm texture yet moist and buttery. The coconut and orange were a great compliment. Not too strong in flavours.. just perfect.

octopus  kohlrabi, mole, mezcal

octopus  kohlrabi, mole, mezcal, burnt avocado

I’ve come to realize that Im not big on octopus, but my partner is, and we went for it.  Served with kohlrabi, a German turnip, mole; a sauce made with chilli peppers used in Mexican cuisine.

The texture is firm and slightly chewy. I can see why some people enjoy it.


veal tenderloin  mushrooms, madeira jus 

veal tenderloin
veal tenderloin mushroom, madeira jus

How did they cook it to perfection, is still unknown. Super tender, and I like to use the term, ‘Flavour Explosion’. Served with 3 variations of mushrooms including Mushroom Soil. Yes, Mushroom dirt!  It reminds me of Oreo cookie crumble that comes in a Dairy Queen Ice cream cake, so good. The other form of mushroom was lightly battered chanterelles, and a mousse-like mushroom sauce that was creamy, thick and packed with so much flavour. If you’re not a mushroom person, maybe not something you want, but this was such an amazing meal.

lobster tail  squash and mushroom agnolotti, black truffle, hazelnut  

lobster tail
lobster tail squash and mushroom agnolotti

The full lobster tail was moist and so flavourful. No need for butter here! Every ingredient used was so tasty and cooked to perfection.


Meyer lemon custard with orange, jasmine

lemon meyer
meyer lemon custard orange, jasmine

Dark Chocolate Chantilly with raspberry and almond

dark chocolate
dark chocolate chantilly raspberry, almond

The desserts were so good.. Moist, not overly sweet, and very tasty!

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