Gibbys Restaurant in Montreal is an upscale steakhouse in an 18th-century stable which offers an excellent selection of seafood options as well as steak. Upon arrival, you get a sense of old-world Europe, the 200+-year-old building features a stone wall exterior, the black iron gates, the archway to their lighted terrace brings you back to a small village in France or Italy. Step inside and you’ll be greeted by friendly staff while being amazed at the restaurants original wood beam ceilings, perfectly lit dining room and beautiful fireplaces.

gibbys patio
Gibbys Terrace

You can expect the finest seafood, including fresh chilled oysters, a choice of the freshest fish and Gibbys’ aged, broiled steaks, all accompanied by seasonal vegetables a variety of wines and spirits.

I feel its important to ask the server what they recommend on the menu. From my experience at Gibbys, you know the staff here are seasoned veterans, as they knew what questions to ask me, they knew how to describe each cut of meat, breaking down the doneness of how you like your steak cooked and the ingredients within each menu item, an excellent touch of service especially if you’re like me and have several food allergies.


Tomato and Onion Marinade Salad

Our party started off with some wine,  scotch and whiskey’s, and then we ordered our appetizers which were the Tomato & Onion Marinade and the Gibby’s Salad with Anchovies.

Tomato lovers will love this simple yet flavourful dish. The aroma of fresh tomatoes one can expect from growing them in their own garden, delicious! I couldn’t finish all of the onions on this dish and would have used their fresh bread as a veggie panino, but I ordered their Rib Steak ? so I knew I needed to save some room!


Gibbys Salad with Anchovies

The Gibbys Salad, yet another simple salad, but includes spinach leaves, iceberg lettuce and mixed greens with fresh tomatoes and Gibbys Classic ‘secret’ dressing. It was savoury and sweet with a touch of vinegar. Very good.



Lemon Sherbet

Next came the palate cleanser. Slightly puzzled once it arrived, and good conversation piece as everyone at the table was talking about it. Some shocked that restaurants still offer this, others didn’t know what it was for!

It was a lightly flavored lemon sherbet, which is made from egg whites and sugar.

After great conversations with friends and even the staff, came the entree!


Gibbys Rib Steak
Rib Steak Gibbys Cut with Lobster Tail

I should mention that when we ordered the steaks, the server asked if we would like to add the Gibbys Spices. Essentially it adds a peppery flavoring. It was excellent and I recommend it if you like the spiciness in pepper.

A 22oz Bone-In Rib Steak. Medium Rare Please! 

This is one of my personal favorite cuts of meat. Well marbled, juicy and loaded with flavor. The server mentioned that the bone is roughly 7oz and if you include the fat-cap, you can expect about 11-13 oz of meat. Not the case in my meal. I must have had the leanest cow in Montreal.

Pro Tip: If you order a Rib Steak or Rib Eye Rare, or Blue Rare, you may experience a tougher piece of meat. This is because the fat in the marbling doesn’t have time to heat up and melt. You can also expect the meat to be less done closer to the bone and more well-done at the edges of the steak.

I should mention that the restaurant description says that Gibbys is an A’la Carte Restaurant, which traditionally means you order your protein, vegetables, and starches separately. Not the case at Gibbys Montreal. All the entrees come with steamed asparagus, which were large, juicy and full of flavor, a side of rice or a choice of a baked potato or twice-baked potato. I opted for the rice and was impressed at the amount that was served.

With the meal and several drinks, we dare not have dessert. Instead, a nice piece of dark chocolate arrives. A perfect touch of sweetness to send us off to our next adventure.

dark chocolate at Gibbys

Aside from the great food and excellent service, I think the best part about this restaurant is watching the different parties attending, you have casual daters, family celebrations, and work meetings. The restaurant is upscale, so you wouldn’t see someone wearing flipflops or a tracksuit, however, it wouldn’t be frowned upon if you wore shorts and sneakers.