Who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza? Its definitely one meal I can eat everyday, especially when its good! If you haven’t noticed yet, there are several Wood Fired Pizza Restaurants opening up in the West End of Vancouver. I decided to try one out to see if it would bring me back to that summer I spent in Italy!

Restaurant Name:
The Bibo

I stumbled upon this place one weekend when I was shopping around the area. It is a new restaurant and the look and feel of it is really cozy. Great looking bar, and I love the fact that you can enjoy your meal at the bar in front of the Wood Burning oven!

We ordered an Antipasto to start, The Bresaola Platter, this was an Arugula Salad with Italian Cured Beef (Bresaola) and shaved Parmesan Cheese… mmmmm
On to the Pizza’s…
We ordered the Capricciosa Pizza;
Tomato, mozzarella, cooked ham, mushrooms, artichokes, black olives and capers.
I can tell they are using really good ingredients because you can taste each item as you bite into the pizza. The thin crust has a nice light texture to it, the sauce is flavorful and the cheese, well the cheese stretched out as I pulled it away from my mouth until I placed it back on the plate! Wow, Im salavating as I write this… (In my experience with cheese, I always say “the better the stretch, the better the cheese!”).
The combination of mushrooms artichokes black olives and capers really make for a refreshing yet satisifying pizza.

The second Pizza was the Boscaiola Pizza;
Tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms and Italian sausage.
This is one of my favorite pizza’s, meat and cheese! The flavor of the sausage alone reminds me of the sausages they sell on Hastings Street during Hats Off Parade. And when complimented by the fresh mozza and tom sauce… mmmmmm pizzaaaaaaa ahhhhhhh

The Bibo is a great place, the wine list isn’t intimidating, there are some really good and affordable Italian wines available. I’ll definitely be going back to explore other items on their menu.

I’ll be adding to this Pizza experience as I try new and existing restaurants around the Greater Vancouver area! Do you have a good pizza restaurant you love? Want to share it? Send us the name… if we dont have the menu, we’ll get it!