So, I Just finished having Chinese for dinner and thought I should write about Chinese Take-Out! Now before I begin, I need to be clear that these aren’t the top 3 on my list; I figured I write about the latest experiences I had ordering Chinese food!

Here goes…

RainBow Butterfly,

located off Lougheed Hwy in Port Coquitlam, they offer Dim Sum during the day, I haven’t had a chance to try it, but I will soon enough!

When it comes to Chinese food, I usually stick to the same meals, Beef & Broccoli, house fried rice and crispy chow mien. They don’t offer delivery, but give you a discount if you pick up!

Beef & Broccoli was very tasty, the sauce was flavorful and the beef portions were decent! Im sure that if I didn’t show up late, the broccoli wouldn’t of been over cooked, but what do you do!?!?

Crispy Chow Mien, its hard to find good crispy chow mien that is “Crispy”, especially when ordering delivery or take-out, it sits for at least 10 minutes before eating, and the noodles soak in the sauce making it not-so-crispy!

Never-the-less, the flavor was good, the chicken was sufficient and the portions here are always big!

On to the fried rice, my Fav! I’ve had it a few times where the rice actually looked like it had burnt specs in it, and tasted burned, the light texture of the rice made up for it, also, I dislike when restaurants try to cover up the flavor of their rice by adding too much soya sauce, this is never the case here. Again, good sizes, great flavor!

New Chow’s Kitchen,

located in Port Coquitlam. They deliver! It’s the first time I’ve ordered from here and I don’t want this to be a negative review, but I have to say that I’ve had better.

I didn’t go with the Beef and Broc, instead I went for the Beef and Green Beans in Black bean sauce. Very good, a little shy on the beef though… but good flavor.

Chicken Fried Rice, I actually received the House Special Fried Rice, lucky Im not “deathly” allergic to shellfish, I didn’t realize there was shrimp in it until I about the 3rd mouth full! Lol The portion in the rice dish was more than enough, it was kinda missing veggies, Im not sure why, but I was expecting more peas and maybe other veggies, like julliene carrots or more sprouts? Oh well, it tasted ok, and I was satisfied.

Chicken Chow Mien, this dish was a little disappointing, I say this because the chow mien noodles were large, and not so crispy, I’ve taken consider of the fact that it was delivery, but still, I should have ordered it regular. The Chicken portion was ok, but there was only bean sprouts and chicken in the dish, again, I thought it should of come with more veggies?

The good thing is you can get a coupon from their Menu on MainMenus!

Ming Kee Kitchen,

in Burnaby. This place only does Take-out and Delivery, they don’t have tables to eat in. I used to order from this place all the time when I lived in Burnaby. They know their Chinese Food!

Beef & Broc, Delicious and consistent! Portions are fair, the chunks of beef are big and the flavor is awesome!

Chicken Fried Rice, excellent dish, loaded with Chicken, peas, carrots and spouts, the flavor is really good and not greasy!

Crispy Chow Mien, well, they don’t really have “Crispy” chow mien, but I figured I write about their chow mien because, well, I order it all the time! Lol. The noodles they use are perfect! Not the big guys, not the small guys that get mushy, perfect! Now if only they offered them crispy! Hahahaha

That wraps up the 3 places I’ve ordered Chinese Food last. Do you have a favorite spot? Do we have their Menu? Feel free to comment or add your favorite restaurant, we would love to hear from you!

Let us know below or via Facebook or Twitter.. Happy Holidays!