Its not often I go out for Chinese and order a bottle of wine. However I figured I should continue my ‘Vino Blog Trend’ and see how this bottle of E&J’s Apothic Red goes with some Chinese Take-out! I’ve enjoyed Apothic before but I’ve never had it with Chinese Food, and it inspired me to write about it.

When I order Chinese Food, I usually stick to the same dishes; Beef & Broccoli, House Fried Rice, Chicken Chow Mien, and either the Lemon Chicken or a Wonton Soup. I know… that’s a lot of food, but hey, I like left-overs!

I’ve been ordering from Rainbow Butterfly in Port Coquitlam lately, but have a few favorites around the Lower Mainland that are really good, Mr. Ho, Burnaby Palace, Double One & Golden Lake Seafood to name a few.

For those who have yet to try The Apothic Red WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? lol, it’s a blend of Zinfandel, Syrah, Cabernet and Merlot and It has a hint of Vanilla mocha. It’s a deep wine and goes well with most meats. Now if you read my last post, it may sound like I’m contradicting myself but there are some wines that are too big to drink with certain fish dishes or meals.

In the end this Red Wine and Chinese food is a really good combo! It actually goes well with the beef and Lemon Chicken and works good with both rice and chow mien dishes. I’m actually surprised that Chinese restaurants don’t offer more wines! I know that when dining in the USA that PF Chang’s has a decent wine list. Mind you PF Chang’s offers an ‘Asian Fusion’ menu and has more of a casual-modern decor, but nevertheless you can find a fried rice, chow mien and other traditional-like dishes that you would find in other Chinese Restaurants.

I personally feel that the trick to finding the right wine for your meal is to taste it! I recommend Apothic Red with any Chinese dish.

MainMenus Tip:

Remember to give your stored bottles of wine a ‘Quarter-Turn’ every 3-4 months. This will keep your cork moist and prevent it from drying out and spoiling your wine! 

Are there any Restaurants or Pubs that you love? Comment below or on Facebook or Twitter. I would love to hear about them!