Now that fall is here and it’s getting cold outside, I think it might be time to give you my Top Pho Places in the Lower Mainland. Here are my Top Picks!

When it comes to Pho, for me it’s all about the Broth, if the Broth ain’t good; I usually don’t really like the meal itself. Second, its the Meat to Noodle ratio. Like most guys the more meat the better! So without further ado here are my Top Pho picks for 2011:

Pho Central

The best broth I have ever had! Tucked away on Busy Davie Street in Downtown Vancouver, I was introduced to this gem by my friend. I am so glad she took me there! One tip, like my friend does, ask for extra noodles. Good portion of Meat, just not enough noodles. Make sure you get the spring rolls too, they are D-LISH!

Pho Phuong Hong

Another place with great broth, tons of Meat and great protion of Noodles. Although it’s all the way out in Maple Ridge, it is well worth the drive.

Xuan Chi Restaurant

Another couple of friends took me to this place last weekend. Pretty new to Maple Ridge, but I think it will give Pho Phuong Hong a run for it’s money!

Pho Sen

Just Found this place today actually. Decor is the nicest out of all this list, although I was super hungry and wolfed the whole meal down, noticed with every bite how tasty it was. I really enjoyed the meat, very tender and juicy. I was not a huge fan of the spring roll though, it wasn’t the traditional pork roll I think it had yams or sweet potatoe in it. Although it was good, it wasn’t what I expected.

As you can see I love my Pho, it is such a great meal. Whether lunch or dinner, hungry or just want a snack. Pho always hits the spot. One last thing, great for those hangovers this holiday season!

Let us know on ourFacebook Pagewhat you think of the list and please add to the list, I would love to find some new places to try out.

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