10 Knife Handling Tips:

Throughout my time in the restaurant industry, I’ve seen my share of poor knife handling skills. From cut hands to missing fingers, heck I remember deboning beef with a colleague and thinking to myself “wow… there is so much blood in this peice of meat!”, shortly after my colleague realized it was his hand bleeding, he didn’t notice before because of how cold the meet was. Now don’t get me wrong, deboning a chunck of meat maybe be on the extreme side of kitchen prep, but as we prepare food for the holiday’s we may not pay as much attention to the way we handle knives within our kitchen.
Here are 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Handling a Knife in a restaurant and household kitchen. 
  1. Don’t hold in front of you while walking with it.
  2. Don’t wave it around like you’re my European father, explaining how you drive in and out of traffic.
  3. Don’t cut towards you or your hands/fingers.
  4. Don’t cut items in your hand, always use a cutting board.
  5. Don’t drag your finger along the blade to test how sharp it is. 
  6. Don’t leave your knife close to the edge of the table.
  7. Don’t leave knives unattended loosley on a countertop.
  8. Don’t try to catch a falling knife.
  9. Don’t leave knives in a sink full of water.
  10. Don’t wash knives with rivets, in the dishwasher. The heat will loosen the rivits and damage your knife.
Avoiding these don’ts will reduce the number if incidents or accidents that may happen in the kitchen or household.
Here are some safe practices while handling a knife in a kitchen or household. 
  1. Use a sharp knife. More accidents happen with a dull knife then when using a shape one.
  2. Hold it with a firm grip while cutting, not too hard, and not loosely.
  3. Hold it next to your leg with the blade pointing slighly away from your body while walking with it.
  4. Use the appropriate knife for its use.
  5. Store in a proper knife rack or block.
  6. Always use a cutting board to cut on.
  7. Always cut away from your fingers and hands.
  8. Always curl your fingers while holding the food you cut.
  9. Always have a professional sharpen your knives.
  10. Give the handle to the person you are passing it to by holding the backside of the blade, or put the knife on a table while transfering hands.

Following these 10 Knife Handling Tips will ensure fewer accidents and help you promote safety within your restaurant and household. 

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